Yoga solstice Monaco

21 June 2020

18:00 – 20:00

21 June United Nations International Yoga day celebration

The Terraces of the Casino of MONTE CARLO

Free participation










Dear Friends, Dear Yogies,

We are making this video to honor the UN’s international Day of Yoga on the 21st of June, This year we are happy to present from SBM’s Bay Hotel the birthplace of Yoga Shala and yoga classes now run from here by Marina Bordet. The Yoga Solstice has been arranged at the terraces of the Monte-Carlo Casino for the last eight years by Yoga Shala, this year because of the COVID-19, we are not able to host it in person as usual but we will be stronger back next year. We would like to make this video to show you that we care and hope to teach you how to open your heart by practicing yoga poses and Metta Meditation. We all have been confined in our homes and and hopefully had more opportunities to connect within. The most important way we can transform our life today is to live in the present moment and having the right motivation, sometimes it can look like we’re doing a good deed, but if our minds motivation behind it is to get a reward or get something from it other than helping with compassion and kindness then the action is no longer as good. We always have to check that what we are doing is done for the right motivation with kindness and compassion. Everyone makes mistakes, and even you make mistakes and when you make a mistake.Forgive yourself. Be kind, but correct yourself, be kind to yourself even though you did a mistake and because you make mistakes you can have more compassion for others making mistakes. It’s not helping holding grudges, being bitter and angry of someone or something that happened in the past it’s gone and can not be changed the most important what happening now in the present moment. Observe what is their action today? what is your action today? So if you choose to live your life in this way you can slowly create the life that makes you and everyone around you a little happier with a open heart. Celebrating the sun, longest day of the year, connecting to our heart, visualizing the light of the sun and the warmth in our heart, that shines on everything, making no distinction between humans, no matter what color nor religion, animals and trees. Everything is receiving the light of the sun without asking anything back. 

Inhale to illumine our inner world exhale energize our physical and subtle bodies Feeling the breath As Wind carries our prayers for Earth and All Life, may Respect and Love light our way. 

May our hearts be filled with Compassion for others and for ourselves. May Peace increase on Earth and May it begin with Me